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Has Kanban truly arrived for Project Management?

KanbanIn the last few weeks, I read 4 very interesting articles that underscore the value of using Kanban for Project Management, and yet represent two extreme ends of how Kanban is gaining recognition in this field. First, there was a series of 3 great blog posts by none other than our friend, philosopher and guide, and Kanban pioneer, David Anderson. Starting with the first one – “Project  Management with Kanban”, David has outlined very nicely how Project Management can truly benefit by using the various techniques, models and measurements that make effective use of historical data…

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Flow Efficiency

Achieving Flow – Crucial in Futbol, Life – and in Knowledge Work!

Achieving FlowAs I watch the USA battle it out with Belgium in the World Cup 2014, (OK, I admit I am working from home today 😉 ), I am once again reminded that the most beautiful moments of the game are those that are most – there is no better way to describe it – fluid! While the game overall is a joy to watch (at least for me – and billions of other “World Cup time soccer fans” worldwide!), every now and then you see moments of sheer beauty and thrill – plays that last more than 1-2 passes. It could be just a series of quick passes between two players to thwart an opposition player…

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SwiftKanban Checklist

Checklists – The Lowly and Well-kept secret of Successful Innovation?

ChecklistsIdeas are cheap. Execution is Everything. One of the many tenets that one hears often in the Silicon Valley underscoring the fact that successful innovation requires not just the initial spark of an idea but the discipline to execute on it till it truly reaches its full potential and impacts people in the way the innovator perhaps originally thought it might! In fact, the history of innovation is replete with examples of not the one who had the original idea but the one who saw its potential and took it all the way to a huge market success!

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Lanewise Avg CycleTime

New Management Insights from Kanban

Management InsightsAs our customers have dug in deeper with their implementation of Kanban systems in a variety of domains– most often IT Ops/ DevOps and software development, but also general business operations, it has become clear to us that they are not just looking at the standard Kanban metrics, they are looking for additional insights to help understand why and how something happened and where they can start to look for improvements. It is the ‘why’ and ‘how’ and ‘when’ and ‘where’ aspects of these questions that start to make Kanban systems truly interesting as information radiators.

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Kanban in Procurement – Customer Case Study

Tales of LeanWe are very honored to publish another case-study on the successful use of SwiftKanban for improvement of Procurement Process for the Brazilian organization Poiesis. The presentation shared in this post was prepared and presented by Clarinha Prado, a consultant with Gigante Consultoria, Brazil.  Clarinha has over 20 years of Business Analysis and IT consulting experience in a variety of fields, especially the financial sector.

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Portfolio Analysis

The Other (and very real) Benefits of Application Lifecycle Management!

Unverifiable-ProductivityOur Customers range from some of the largest IT Services/ Consulting companies to Corporate IT to ISVs and Engineering organizations inside high-tech manufacturing, System Integration and embedded-systems companies. They have a wide variety of product design and development methods as well as a varying degree of need for standardized processes, collaboration with customers and partners, and the ability to support distributed teams.

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SwiftKanban Calendar

Who needs a Calendar in a Kanban system?!

Kanban systemSometime back, we published a blog post Due Dates in Kanban Systems – which drew some flak from some folks who objected to the line of reasoning in that post. However, one of the commentators made a good point – that it made sense to have Due Dates in a Kanban system if in fact the process being visualized on the Kanban board already needed Due Dates. The Kanban Method’s fundamental premise is – start with your current process have and improve gradually, in an evolutionary manner.

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ALM Framework

Just what is Application Lifecycle Management? ALM Revisited!

Application Lifecycle ManagementApplication Lifecycle Management is – or should be – the management of an application’s (or applications) lifecycle.  An application’s lifecycle really begins from the time it is originally conceived – as a business request to IT to support a specific business function, or as a solution to a strategic opportunity identified during a management review, or a response to a new opportunity for an IT services firm (to bid) for developing a new solution for an external business customer. In response to the request or opportunity, an organization may build a new application from scratch or implement an ISV product (such as an ERP or CRM tool) or even integrate a combination of in-house…

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Energetic. Responsive. Trying Harder. 2014, Here We Come!

happy-new-year-2014-8-300x130_2Energetic, responsive, trying harder – those were some of the best compliments we received from our customers.  As one of them, who switched from a competing product to us, said, “It looks like you guys are always trying harder and better than the rest of them.” Absolutely! The past 12 months have been truly exciting.  2013 was the year in which organizations ranging from boutique consulting companies to global automotive giants, high-security government agencies to Fortune 500 global brands trusted us and our products with their technology.

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