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Agile Mindset

No Species for an Agile Mindset!

We are all too familiar with this scenario – the team follows all the structure, processes and methods that are recommended for Agile, but we have this sinking “feeling” that

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Agility – More to it than Method?

Like in much of life, there is a serious paradox tearing at the very heart of teamwork. In today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous business world (VUCA for short), being

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Daniel Kahnemans Systems Thinking

The Yin-Yang of Productivity

This year’s Nobel for Economics has gone to the Behavioural Economist Richard Thaler. Richard is a Distinguished Professor at the Chicago Booth Business School. His big work is the influence of clues and society on individual decision making and actions.

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Cognitive Analysis

How Cognitive Overload Impacts Productivity?

When I first arrived in the US twenty years back I was “blown-away” by a few intense experiences that are still etched fresh in my mind. One such overwhelming experience was when I entered Wal-Mart for the first time. I had never seen or imagined anything like this before. For every item, there were so many brands, packages, and choices. Buying even insignificant stuff was a complex and stressful experience.

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To see or not to see

To See or Not to See?

A genuine fear lurks while putting final changes to this article a few weeks before the 45th President of the United States takes office. Becoming the most powerful man on the planet is a fine example of a huge and successful project and his phenomenal success flies in the face of some key takeaways in this article. So, reader’s discretion is advised!

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Flow State

The Flow State

This is a series of blogs of my thoughts on the most important of human endeavours, Work and its associated things like Productivity and Processes. This is third in the series. In this blog we explore the possibility of creating conditions for optimal experience at our work and jobs, more commonly referred to as “Flow State”. A lot of sports-persons and artists refer to it as “Being in the Zone” or “In the groove”. With “Flow” productivity is high, creativity is enhanced and it is a rewarding experience in itself. It increases well being and happiness.

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Purpose – The Hidden Lever of Productivity?

In my last blog, The Enigma of Employee Productivity, we had explored and discussed about deep meaning at work, motivation at work and productivity. We argued and pointed to many prominent research/ study findings which showed us that (a) the majority of the workforce across organizations globally is not engaged at work, (b) for “higher level” work that requires creativity and innovation, traditional management motivation methods including incentives and monetary rewards don’t work, these methods seemed to be made for the industrial era and are ill equipped for the modern knowledge era.

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The Enigma of Employee Productivity

The Enigma of Employee Productivity

Satya Nadella, in his first interview after taking over as CEO of Microsoft, said that his “quest” is to create a company “where people find deep meaning at work”. This struck me as very different. CEOs normally don’t talk of “quest” and “deep meaning”, they usually talk of stuff like increasing market share, profits, innovation, etc. Many questions kept popping in my mind; like- –Is he really serious about “deep meaning at work” thing? We understand it benefits the individual, but does it benefit the company? Do employees who find deep meaning at work create a better company?

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