Who Are We?

Digité (integrated project management company) is a leading provider of collaborative enterprise software and solutions for Lean/ Agile Application Lifecycle Management and Visual Project Management. Digité’s solutions are targeted towards technology organizations – such as Corporate IT, ISVs, IT services/Outsourcing and IT-Consulting companies, as well as general business functions like Marketing, Recruitment, HR, Procurement, Legal and many others.

Digité (di-ji-tay) is a Silicon Valley startup founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs. It is headquartered in Cupertino, California with offices in US and India – and customers in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Over 900,000 users use Digité products worldwide. These users come from a wide range of industries including Consulting, Professional Services and Enterprise IT organizations as well as several vertical industries including Automotive, Financial Services, Public Sector, Hi-tech and Telecommunications.

Why Choose Digité?

At Digité, we believe we provide the most comprehensive vision of end-to-end Enterprise solutions. We also provide Artificial Intelligence driven project delivery management solutions based on Agile, Kanban & SAFe® – Scaled Agile Framework.

What we Offer

Enterprises world over continue to focus on delivering products and services to their customers and without class-leading, high-quality technology solutions helping them in all aspects of their business from Marketing and Sales, to Procurement, Development, Manufacturing, Logistics, to Customer Service and Support and ongoing Customer Engagement – they simply cannot compete in a global marketplace.

Excellent Services & Support

One of the best compliments – and the reason they go with us instead of the competition – we receive is that we are “very responsive”! We love our products and we want to make sure our customers and users love them too. We combine our products with comprehensive professional services, training and technical support! We make sure we help our customers fully implement our ALM and Kanban solutions.

Satisfied Customers

More than $30bn of business is being executed on Digité’s SwiftEnterprise and SwiftKanban products, with over 900,000 users using these products for successful collaboration and product delivery to their customers. In fact, most of our ALM and PPM implementations are Enterprise Level and not team or departmental level; running into 1000’s of licenses across the company.

The reason we chose Swiftkanban over its competitors were for a couple of reasons: We felt overall its functionality suited what we wanted, it was endorsed by David Anderson, (it was) recommended by eDreams and (the) pricing was better.

We had no meaningful metrics before SwiftKanban, other than Helpdesk monthly card/ticket counts. I would say though that the teams have much more visibility on who is working on what and who, if anyone, is overloaded and needs help. There is more collaboration between team members.

To be honest, SwiftKanban was the only “professional” solution that we could install on our own server. In general, I love the product! You also care about your customer and it was great to work on a Docker solution for the installation (Thanks to your Support and Sales teams!).

Enabled better visualization of workflow and earlier identification of blocked work items. Reporting has helped to identify trends for focus. Ease of use meant we ditched other bug tracking tools and used SwiftKanban in preference to a dedicated bug tracker.

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