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Visual, Easy to Use, fully configurable tool built on Lean principles for Scaled Agile Teams to manage their SAFe® implementations.

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The reason we chose Swiftkanban over its competitors were for a couple of reasons: We felt overall its functionality suited what we wanted, it was endorsed by David Anderson, (it was) recommended by eDreams and (the) pricing was better.

We had no meaningful metrics before SwiftKanban, other than Helpdesk monthly card/ticket counts. I would say though that the teams have much more visibility on who is working on what and who, if anyone, is overloaded and needs help. There is more collaboration between team members.

To be honest, SwiftKanban was the only “professional” solution that we could install on our own server. In general, I love the product! You also care about your customer and it was great to work on a Docker solution for the installation (Thanks to your Support and Sales teams!).

Enabled better visualization of workflow and earlier identification of blocked work items. Reporting has helped to identify trends for focus. Ease of use meant we ditched other bug tracking tools and used SwiftKanban in preference to a dedicated bug tracker.

SwiftKanban supported the most robust set of features, including drag-and-drop interface, ability to configure boards (from simple to complex), the ability to define our own card types.

Gordon McGuirk
Gordon McGuirk

Group Delivery Manager - Ding

Viv Gooder
Viv Gooder

Engineering lead - Alchemetrics

Mathias Böni
Mathias Boni

Prinicipal Business Consulting - MSG Systems

Mike Harwood
Mike Harwood

Executive Vice President - Instem

Elisia Getts

Agile Transition Coach

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