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We would like to take this opportunity to offer you a FREE 30 Day Trial of our product – “SwiftKanban” – Which is The most Powerful and Intuitive Kanban Task Management Software for Agile Teams!

Stefan Feichtner, Project Manager, at Dennemeyer Says:
SwiftKanban provides us the transparency we need in order to fulfill our business goals, to meet delivery schedules and to offer cutting-edge software products for the intellectual property market.

SwiftKanban Features

SwiftKanban combines Scrum, Kanban, and visual management to offer a powerful tool for Lean/ Agile software development.
SmartLanes based Swimlane design that provides powerful workflow mapping capabilities – across multiple work-items.
Highly flexible Hierarchy Design for Portfolio and Program level Board design, unlimited levels of hierarchy and much more.

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Learn The SwiftKanban Difference - The Best Agile Kanban Tool

  • SwiftKanban is widely regarded as the most powerful Lean/ Kanban based Digital Project Management software for managing Software, IT and a variety of Business processes in the enterprise.
  • It provides deep Kanban capabilities including a highly Visual Kanban board with a wide range of Kanban reporting metrics for teams that are implementing Kanban for achieving Enterprise Agility and high-efficiency Services Delivery capability.
  • SwiftKanban provides out-of-the-box integration with Atlassian JIRA, a popular ticket management tool, as well as Microsoft Excel, making it easy for teams to bring in their backlog and make it flow using SwiftKanban’s board.
  • SwiftKanban is probably the only Kanban tool, that also supports SCRUM seamlessly within the product.
  • It incorporates the Kanban Method developed and pioneered by David J Anderson.

Boost your Team’s Productivity!

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