Integrate your Heterogeneous Toolset into a Unified ALM Environment

SwiftSync provides alm integration with the leading software engineering, project management and operations support tools, including those from HP, Microsoft, IBM, Accept, Atlassian, Rally, Serena, and more! See here for the full list of SwiftSync integrations.

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The SwiftSync Advantage

Development organizations practicing an Agile development methodology are seeking speed, flexibility, and cross-functional collaboration to delivery impactful solutions quickly. Yet, disconnected ALM environments are often slow, rigid, and continue to operate in silos.

Integration your ALM environment with SwiftSync will help deliver the potential of Agile development:

  • Real-time collaboration drives accuracy, efficiency, and speed.
  • All stakeholders involved with consistent, timely, and reliable visibility to make better decisions, faster.
  • Fewer miscommunications’ result in on-time delivery of the required solution.

SwiftALM Native Adapters

In addition to SwiftSync, SwiftALM’s extensive Web Services-driven External Adaptor Framework provides our customers a completely integrated ALM environment that protects their investments in existing tools and gives them unparalleled visibility across the project and the application lifecycle.

SwiftALM’s 2-way synchronization with these tools enables each member of the organization to work within the tools of their choice, while providing complete visibility and management capability to program, project, portfolio, engineering and product managers as well as a consolidated dashboard to executives.

SwiftALM comes with a number of out-of-the-box software integration tools such as SVN, Eclipse and MS Visual Studio. We have also completed a number of customer requested adaptors which can be built with minimal effort using our integration framework.

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Integrate your Delivery Lifecycle! Build a DevOps Culture with Lean/ Agile ALM!

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