SwiftKanban Support and Implementation Services

Though SwiftKanban is very easy to configure and use, and you will not really need a lot of support, we provide full service support to our customers. We want to ensure that all our customers have a fantastic experience evaluating and using SwiftKanban!

Support for SaaS Customers

The typical Support used by most of customers includes Email and/ or Phone Support. Unlimited Email Support is available FREE with all our licenses. For a nominal fee, we also provide complete Phone support to our clients.

Fee TypeUnit PriceQuantityTotal Amount Per Year
Email SupportFree (Included)1Included
Phone Support$100/ Month1$1,200 per Year

Support for On-Premise Customers

We understand that many organizations, especially larger companies, may need to use SwiftKanban installed on its own internal servers or on a private cloud.

SwiftKanban is available for on-premise installation as well as on private cloud. Digité provides complete Support for our On-Premise Customers. There is a fee for this Support, that includes support to the client IT team for ensuring that the SwiftKanban Servers at the client site are kept updated with the latest upgrades, updates and patches and are up and running as per internal uptime SLAs.

Details about On-Premise SwiftKanban Support

  • Warranty and Support
    • Digité will provide the required support for the on-premise server in conjunction with the Customer IT personnel. This will include trouble-shooting and also any patch releases that are required for the proper operation of the server.
  • Upgrades
    • All upgrades to the SwiftKanban product will be made available on the SaaS offering or to the Customer’s on-premise server.

Training and Professional Services

In addition to Technical Support, Digité has a Professional Services organization that provides specific online and onsite product training and configuration support at customer request.

In addition to our own Kanban training/ consulting, we also have partnership with a number of consulting/ coaching/ training partners who provide top-class consulting, coaching and training services. More details can be found on the Partners page.

Customization/ Implementation Services

Digité has a tremendous amount of experience implementing its products at large organizations and providing end-to-end support and services to ensure the implementation is successfully completed.

Digité provides configuration, customization, integration, and feature enhancement for customers. These are available at additional cost. Please ask a Digité Sales person (sales@digite.com) for further details.

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