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SwiftKanban - The most Powerful and Intuitive Visual Management Kanban Software

Kanban is a way for teams and organizations to visualize their work, identify and eliminate bottlenecks and achieve dramatic operational improvements in terms of throughput and quality! Kanban is a method to gradually improve whatever you do – whether software development, IT / Ops, Staffing, Recruitment, Marketing and Sales, Procurement – in fact, almost any business function can benefit from applying Kanban to bring about significant benefits such as reduced lead time.

Florian Boldt of Wincor Nixdorf Portavis GmbH Says:
It was easy to setup, customize and create boards and users and therefore easy to start from where we were with SwiftKanban. It has everything we need in terms of supporting the kanban method.

SwiftKanban Features

SwiftKanban combines Scrum, Kanban, and visual management to offer a powerful tool for Lean/ Agile software development.
SmartLanes based Swimlane design that provides powerful workflow mapping capabilities – across multiple work-items.
Highly flexible Hierarchy Design for Portfolio and Program level Board design, unlimited levels of hierarchy and much more.

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The Best Kanban Tool - Learn The SwiftKanban Difference

  • SwiftKanban is widely regarded as the most powerful Lean/ Kanban based Visual Project Management tool for managing Software, IT and a variety of Business processes in the enterprise.
  • It provides deep Kanban capabilities including a highly Visual Kanban board with a wide range of Kanban metrics for teams that are implementing Kanban for achieving Enterprise Agility and high-efficiency Services Delivery capability.
  • SwiftKanban provides out-of-the-box integration with Atlassian JIRA, a popular ticket management tool, as well as Microsoft Excel, making it easy for teams to bring in their backlog and make it flow using SwiftKanban’s board.
  • SwiftKanban is probably the only Kanban tool, that also supports SCRUM seamlessly within the product.
  • It incorporates the Kanban Method developed and pioneered by David J Anderson.

Boost your Team’s Productivity!

SIGNUP for a FREE TRIAL of SwiftKanban today! Visualize your workflow
and manage your work in an Easy and Intuitive way.