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Kanban is your path to Enterprise Agility. Whether you are a software or IT organization or a business function, Kanban helps you visualize you work, improve and optimize your flow and deliver products and services to your customers faster, more often and with greater quality. See how SwiftKanban can help speed up your Kanban adoption!

Business functions, Enterprise IT and Services Providers deploy SwiftKanban to visualize work, improve and optimize flow, to deliver products and services to their customers faster, more often and with greater quality. Some of the objectives our customers seek from deploying SwiftKanban include:

Visual Management
Improved Allocations
Increased Productivity
Process Integration
Management Alerts

Decision Analytics
Method Standardization

An Introduction to SwiftKanban

SwiftKanban is a feature rich and intuitive Kanban software, enabling visualization of work, be it a complex process or a high-value high-impact project. It is designed for driving agility, aligned to the principles of Kanban and Lean, with full support for popular Agile methodologies like Scrum. SwiftKanban is a versatile Kanban tool for scaling enterprise-wide agility, enabled by sophisticated project and process mapping features which bring the power of the Kanban method to teams, projects, functions and processes, up and down the enterprise. Fill the Free Trial Form and Get Started Now!

Alan Potosnak, Co-founder & CEO of FeastIt Inc. Says:
SwiftKanban has been extremely useful within our distributed team as a light-weight means of coordinating different pieces of work and providing visibility across several different disciplines.
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SwiftKanban Features

SwiftKanban is the right Kanban tool for you!

SwiftKanban is widely regarded as the most powerful Lean Kanban based Visual Management tool, be it managing software development, IT management or complex business processes. It incorporates the Kanban Method developed and pioneered by David Anderson.

Scale from Personal Productivity to Enterprise Agility
Build from Projects to Portfolios to Enterprise Services
Based on Lean Kanban with Complete Support for Agile
Best in Class and Unique Features to Meet all needs
Metrics to Manage Flow and Continuous Improvement
Extensive Help, Support and Guidance to Ensure your Success
Wide choice of Deployment options from Public Cloud to On-premise
Built by a team of Collaboration and Integration Experts

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SwiftKanban is widely regarded as the most powerful Lean/ Kanban based Visual Project Management software for managing Software, IT and a variety of Business processes in the enterprise. It incorporates the Kanban Method developed and pioneered by David Anderson. It provides deep Kanban capabilities including a highly Visual Kanban board with a wide range of Kanban metrics for teams that are implementing Kanban for achieving Enterprise Agility and high-efficiency Services Delivery capability.


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Use the SwiftKanban App to manage your SwiftKanban boards on the go, any time, anywhere! Key Features: Have a sudden brilliant idea? Create a Kanban card and put it up on your Kanban board instantly! Get visual notifications on project events. Quickly interact and collaborate with your colleagues, partners and customers on project cards and tasks Add your Comments to an ongoing discussion. Initiate and setup a call and web-meeting right from the App to review work, documents and take decisions!


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