Bridging the Traditional and the Agile

Over the last 15 years, large numbers of software teams have adopted Agile methods for software development to improve the quality of software and to better meet customer requirements. Lean and Agile management methods such as Scrum, XP – and more recently, Kanban and Scrumban – combined with technical engineering practices such as TDD, test automation and automated build and deployment have had a dramatic impact on the quality, time to market and the frequency of deployment of applications and software.

A significant number of organizations, especially those operating in regulated environments such as government, defense or financial markets, companies dealing with complex business issues, including security, have continued to work with traditional methods.

These also include IT Services and Consulting companies who have either chosen to or have been forced to operate in the traditional environment, due to Fixed Price project pressures from customers and the nature of work they perform.

Hybrid Agile: For More Trust-based Relationships

These organizations place a strong emphasis on sophisticated Program and Project Management, a well-defined Scope and/ or State of Work (SoW) and User Acceptance Testing practices.  Yet, they are looking to adopt Agile execution principles and methods as well as technical practices that are possible in their technology/ investment environment in order to better deliver quality products and services that meet the customer’s needs, engage in a more collaborative and trusting relationships with their customers and have a more happy and satisfied workforce that is engaged in delivering real value to their customers!

Enter SwiftALM Hybrid Agile Solution!

Digité’s SwiftALM suite provides a combination of functionality and configurability that provides a fantastic combination of the traditional Project/ Program planning/ management, combined with all of the Agile execution capabilities a team might want.

Some of the key features of the SwiftALM Hybrid Agile solution:

Universal Process Framework

A flexible and sophisticated Process Template module that lets you define all components of the project lifecycle as well as various workflows, metrics and artifacts you would use in a Hybrid Agile project.

Program / Project Planning and Management

A power program and project setup capability, combined with resource planning/ management, 2-way synchronization with MS Project or the native SwiftALM scheduler STaRT (for building a high-level project plan), time reporting if needed and other modules such as Issues, Risk and Document management.

Requirements Management

If you need it, a full-function Requirements Management module to capture business and functional requirements and get customer signoff, before breaking down the Requirements to Epics/ User Stories.


Contextual Collaboration is a key feature of SwiftALM. Conduct daily stand-ups using SwiftALM’s meeting manager, assign tasks and action items, record discussions against the associated artifacts, review work by your team and route via workflow or a visual board as you need.

Lean/ Agile Module

Start with defining your Backlog – either from scratch or from the Requirements captured in the system. Break up the backlog into a Theme – Epics – User Stories hierarchy – or build your own custom hierarchy based on your existing Agile development processes. Define a full Release and Sprint plan and link them to the high-level project plan. Add user stories to releases and sprints – and start executing them. Track Release/ Sprint progress using Burn-down/ Burn-up and Velocity/ Throughput charts.

Visual Workboard

Visualize all your work on a work board (or Kanban/ Scrumban board) and manage work visually. Provide all the visual cues to your team and to all stakeholders on the status of each sprint/ release, each blocked user story and each work item flagged for review.

Development/ Test Automation with SwiftSync

Integrate your various Dev and Test tools – IDEs, Configuration Management, Build and Deployment tools using Digité’s powerful SwiftSync integration bus (and it’s over 35 out-of-the-box adaptors) and get all the visibility you need in the SwiftALM environment! See reports and get automated email alerts of build failures so your team is ready for action the next morning!

Life is Good When Your Agile Teams Are in Sync!

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