Enabling the Global Technology Business

Whether you are a 5-10 person boutique company or a 10s or 100s of thousands of employees, chances are you are working with a global set of people – internal or external. Delivering complex projects with a global workforce requires a sophisticated collaboration and coordination capability in order to keep everyone on the same page.

SwiftALM provides an advanced framework for achieving success and operational excellence in a global delivery model for organizations to build process capabilities and pursue highly integrated, collaborative business relationships.

SwiftALM is a web based application that provides a secure, centralized repository for your IP. It improves communication, collaboration and coordination among multi-site teams while giving managers real-time visibility and control over their projects, regardless of location.

These organizations place a strong emphasis on sophisticated Program and Project Management, a well-defined Scope and/ or State of Work (SoW) and User Acceptance Testing practices.  Yet, they are looking to adopt Agile execution principles and methods as well as technical practices that are possible in their technology/ investment environment in order to better deliver quality products and services that meet the customer’s needs, engage in a more collaborative and trusting relationships with their customers and have a more happy and satisfied workforce that is engaged in delivering real value to their customers!

The result: higher team productivity, better governance, and faster project completion, whether teams are in-house or outsourced, onshore or offshore. With SwiftALM as your Global Development Platform, you get more control, lower costs, and better results.

Delivery Management - The Business Challenge

IT organizations with globally distributed development teams face several challenges:

  Leveraging global expertise – worldwide collaboration
•  Accountability across time zones
•  Low cost, increasing competition, tighter margins
•  Alignment between business, operations and IT

•  Remote delivery
•  Optimum resource allocation

SwiftALM provides powerful capabilities that tackle these challenges head-on!

  Universal Process Framework for creating organizational Process Templates for various practices e.g. Project Planning, Proposal Management, Help Desk Support etc helping replicate best practices developed across the global development centers, and enforce them through SwiftALM’s Process Templates.
•  Integration capabilities with other tools
•  Monitoring SLAs for violations and discrepancies

  A Collaborative Framework
•  Contextual collaboration tools such as chat, discussion forums and comments against specific project artifacts
•  Workflow-driven Requirement, Change and Defect Management
•  Document Management including Version Control and Workflow-driven review processes
•  A comprehensive Dashboard Framework that provides a bird’s eye view of the overall status of services delivery, with Key metrics and indicators to assess the performance and response of globally distributed teams

Life is Good When Your Agile Teams Are in Sync!

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