Global Delivery Management of Distributed Application Projects

Almost every organization today is delivering products and services through geographically-distributed resources. Be it your own, or those of vendors or customers, it is very essential that all team members are able to collaborate with each other easily, accurately and on-demand, for any project or task. A ‘single version of the truth’ is key to the success of all technology projects.

SwiftALM delivers a most advanced framework for achieving success and operational excellence in a global delivery model for organizations to build process capabilities and pursue highly integrated business-value relationships.

SwiftALM understands your need for accurate and up-to-date information, challenges of project tracking, workforce allocation, ability to model new business processes for global delivery of software. SwiftALM streamlines your enterprise wide processes by organizing data and providing real-time reporting in a global delivery model.

Digite is a web-based application that significantly increases a company's return on its software development investments. Digite provides a secure, centralized repository for your IP and improves communication, collaboration and coordination among multi-site teams while giving managers real-time visibility and control over their projects, regardless of location. The result: higher team productivity, better governance, and faster project completion, whether teams are in-house or outsourced, onshore or offshore. With Digite as your Global Development Platform, you get more control, lower costs, and better results.

Digite consists of a suite of integrated project and management tools with extensive collaboration and security features. It provides teams with a common development platform for storing, sharing, tracking and managing project activity, code, documents and communications. It fosters better teamwork through a shared repository, and gives managers confidence that they can quickly detect problems that threaten their projects' schedules and budgets.

Digite enables you to plan your work and your workforce. To manage the complexity of contracts, budgets, resource pools, projects, service agreements, risks, changes and more. You empower everyone in the organization with collaboration tools to share best practices, issues and knowledge, and to improve their teamwork.

IT organizations with globally distributed development teams have challenges like:

  • Leveraging global expertise - worldwide collaboration
  • Accountability across time zones
  • Low cost, increasing competition, tighter margins
  • Alignment between business, operations and IT
  • Visibility
  • Remote delivery
  • Optimum resource allocation
  • Universal Process Framework for creating organizational Process Templates for various practices e.g. Project Planning, Proposal Management, Help Desk Support etc
  • Integrated set of templates for IT Projects
    • Application Development
    • Package Implementation
    • Application Maintenance
  • A Collaborative Framework
    • Workflow-driven Requirement, Change and Defect Management
    • Central repository for Processes
    • Integration capabilities with other tools
  • Dashboards that gives a birds eye view of what happens to the executive management
  • Key metrics and indicators to assess the performance and response of globally distributed teams
  • Helping replicate homegrown best practices across the global development centers, and enforce them through the workflow driven processes. Capture knowledge in a library from past projects and repeat success stories over and over again through SwiftALM's Process Templates
  • Monitoring SLAs for violations and discrepancies
  • Helping achieve lowest TCO due to optimum resource allocation
  • Involving client in every process, through workflows, and give them a sense of control
  • Documenting plans that assure results; reviews, metrics and feedback establishes a 'check-and-balance' mechanism
  • Collaborating with outsourcing partners to deliver more value through innovation
  • Ensuring an optimum mix of internal and outsourcing partner resources in the transformation programs

Using Global Delivery Management of SwiftALM, you can

  • Minimize the effort of maintaining paper-based templates and aggregating meaningful information in real-time
  • Minimize cost of storing this paper-based information that usually gets stored only at one place
  • Minimizing the delays and re-work in a globally distributed team where we can not access it as easily as it should be and there is no way to track where the documents are in a process
  • Achieve process excellence and reduce errors and defects through automation
  • Fine-tune your organization best practices to lie along with the CMMi processes
  • Use key out-of-the-box templates like Project Planning, Project Monitoring & Control, Risk Management, Requirements Management, Test Management etc.

Plus, SwiftALM pays for itself quickly with improved efficiency and profitability in Global Delivery Model.


Customer Speak

"We get routinely asked by our customers to show them how we are able to run our projects so smoothly. We demonstrate Digite to our customers as a showcase example of our project management and process excellence."

Head - Process Excellence Group

KPIT Cummins

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