Our Solutions

Bridging the Traditional and the Agile

Seamlessly blend large project/ program planning and management with Agile execution, using Scrum / Kanban / Scrumban methods and other Agile engineering practices to successfully transition your teams/ organization to greater Agility!


Enabling the Global Technology Business

Global teams need world-class solutions to successfully deliver services and products. Digité’s Cloud-based Collaborative tools enables distributed teams interact with customers and team members as if they were in the same location – and yet provide a ‘round-the-clock’ service-levels.

Continuous Integration. Continuous Deployment

SwiftOps is a powerful DevOps solution from Digité that leverages SwiftSync, with out-of-the-box integration to nearly 40 tools across the Dev/ Ops value-chain, the Enterprise Dashboards and Traceability of SwiftALM and the power of visualizing the complete DevOps value stream of SwiftKanban.


Large Program Management for Multi-line Business Engagements

In an increasingly interconnected world, cross-organization collaboration and engagement requires managing multiple projects and teams in one or more well-organized and executed Programs. Our Managed Services solution helps in just that!

Bridging the Traditional and the Agile

Building quality products and applications – be they software, embedded systems, hardware; or even others that are not regarded high-tech – requires that you manage quality. “Managing” Quality could be creating a culture that encourages quality, hiring the best people or setting up processes and systems (from basic to sophisticated!) that nurture quality.