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The hallmark of industry leaders today is flexibility and agility. Organizational re-structuring is an on-going process. Geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier to collaborative initiatives, virtual teams are abound. Business conditions warrant frequent scope and priority changes. The best laid out plans flounder without well-executed implementation. After all, execution is where the rubber meets the road.

SwiftALM provides a full-lifecycle Integrated Platform to facilitate IT programs and projects from business requirements capture to testing / verification and deployment. And at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Digite offers a single window interface and uniform usage experience across the lifecycle of the project.

SwiftALM is scaled to the enterprise and shaped to the individual. Everyone on the project team from executives and project sponsors, to project managers and team members have the details necessary to contribute to project success. Project information is presented in clear, intuitive formats, helping all team members to focus on their area of expertise and empowering them to make the right decisions.

Resources are tight. Costs are escalating. Technology, with the possibilities it opens, is also making business a lot more complicated than it used to be. Certainly, it has made everything a lot faster and customer expectations higher.

Digite provides the solution to these problems by incorporating a range of tools, content and processes, to successfully convert business requirements into IT solutions.

The solutions offered by Digite, Inc. are:


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"We get routinely asked by our customers to show them how we are able to run our projects so smoothly. We demonstrate Digite to our customers as a showcase example of our project management and process excellence."

Head - Process Excellence Group

KPIT Cummins

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