Hybrid Agile Project Management

Bridging the Traditional and the Agile

Seamlessly blend large project/ program planning and management with Agile execution, using Scrum/ Kanban/ Scrumban methods and other Agile engineering practices to successfully transition your teams/ organization to greater Agility!

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Global Delivery Management

Enabling the Global Technology Business

Global teams need world-class solutions to successfully deliver services and products. Digité’s Cloud-based Collaborative tools enables distributed teams interact with customers and team members as if they were in the same location – and yet provide a ‘round-the-clock’ service-levels.

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Quality Management

Automating Standardized Processes and Metrics

Quality is the hall-mark of great organizations. Combining Process Governance, Collaborative Change Management and Metrics, our customers are able to deliver high Quality products and services while helping Delivery teams easily adopt and use internal Quality goals.

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Managed Services

Large Program Management for Multi-line Business Engagements

In an increasingly interconnected world, cross-organization collaboration and engagement requires managing multiple projects and teams in one or more well-organized and executed Programs. Our Managed Services solution helps in just that!

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