Digité provides a complete set of Professional Services to help our customers successfully implement our products and solutions. We are focused on ensuring that customers realize the benefits they seek from their ALM implementations and maximize the Return on Investment in their ALM technologies.

As part of Digité’s Professional Services offerings, we provide the following services:

Application Configuration Services

SwiftALM is a highly configurable product that derives its value from its configurability to meet a customer’s solution requirements. Our implementation team will help you by understanding your requirements and helping your Core Team configure them in a very hands-on approach. We are glad to stay as long as needed to help you get started; however we don’t want you to feel dependant on us to run your ALM solution!

Application Integration Services

We recognize the importance of integrating SwiftALM with your other 3rd-party or in-house ALM and other tools. SwiftALM combined, with SwiftSync, provides over 35 standard interfaces out-of-the-box to help your teams stay synchronized irrespective of which ALM or other tools they use. (For a full list of tools we integrate with out-of-the-box, please visit –

In addition, should your tools may not be available out-of-the-box, our Professional Services team can work with you to develop customized solution that help you interface SwiftALM with the tools you have.

Application Customization Services

If needed, we Professional Services team also provides product customization services, especially custom reports and dashboard configuration/ development.

Our onsite team will work with your Core Team – or if needed – other end-users – and understand their requirements and provide a customized solution that will ease the adoption of our solutions in your enterprise.

Data Migration Services

Most of our implementations involve moving from some legacy environment to a SwiftALM based solution. This may require moving data from those legacy systems into SwiftALM and continuing on from there.

Our Professional Services and Custom Development services will work together with yours to build migration scripts, migration plans, cut-over plans, etc. As part of the overall implementation, we also help migrate data and ensure a smooth cut-over from the old to the new solution; and to ensuring a smooth start to the organization’s ALM journey!

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