IMPORTANT: If you are an existing Customer and need immediate Support, please visit our Support page for contact information.

Digité provides full-service support to its customers. Once implementation is complete, typically the customer account is formally handed over from Professional Services to the Support Team. Digité’s Support Team provides Level 2 and Level 3 support to its customers, with Level 1 Support being provided by the client’s own Core Team.

Basic Software Support

Basic Software Support is Digité’s first level support offering. Based on your Support Agreement with Digité, we provide telephone support, email support, and also onsite support for all the products listed on your Software Support Agreement.

Basic Support also includes access to software Updates and new Releases covered by your support agreement. However, we reserve the right to provide some large product releases at an ‘Upgrade Price’ that will be announced at the time of the availability of such an upgrade.

Extended Software Support

If you require 24×7 support, Extended Hours Support is available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This includes any and all onsite support, offsite support, email and phone support, whichever is convenient for our users.

The pricing for this services can be provided to you by your Digité sales contact. In case you need someone to reach out and offer ou this service, please contact our Sales team at

Project Catalyst Services

The Project Catalyst is the primary support interface between you and Digite, Inc. The project catalyst will aid you in accelerating implementation of the SwiftALM solution within your organization. Catalyst services are available by phone and e-mail.

The Project Catalyst responds to queries, investigates problems and issues and provides recommendations and guidance on the Digite roll-out plan for your organization.

Jump Start Package

The Jump Start package is designed to specifically help your organization get a jump start on the competition!

As part of the Jump Start package, we will define your organization’s specific needs and identify those product modules that can be quickly and effectively implemented. Technical Support for this rollout is also included. Digité will also allocate a Project Catalyst who will work with you with typical startup activity such as defining your project templates, assist in uploading your existing project data into SwiftALM and provide user training.

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