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Service Offerings - Professional Services

There are complexities associated with the introduction of any new solution in an organization. Therefore, Digite, Inc. offers a range of services to accelerate adoption of Digité Enterprise within the organization.

Application Integration Services
We recognize the importance of integrating the Digité Enterprise system with your other in-house systems. Digité Enterprise provides a range of standard interfaces to exchange information with other standard applications/ packages. In addition, our professional services team can work with you to understand your data exchange needs and develop customized solutions that interface your in-house systems with Digité Enterprise.

By customizing Digite your enterprise can gain enormous benefits that would soon reflect on the enterprise bottom-lines. At Digite we can optimize the platform to suit your business needs better and thus help you align you business and IT objectives.

Requirement & Gap Analysis
The Digite team has enormous amounts of experience working both with Corporate IT Departments and IT Consulting companies. We use this experience to provide our customers with a wide range of Gap Analysis. For more information,

please get in touch with us.

Customer Speak

"We look forward to continued support from Digite in our endeavour to bring in operational excellence in our activities through use of Digite tool."

Delivery Manager, MetLife

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