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How do I start?

Product Usage

1. How do I start to use Digité Enterprise?

Once your company has signed up as a Digité Enterprise customer, you will be able to login to Digité Enterprise. Depending on your role, you can either start off by creating a new project if you are a Project Manager assigned that responsibility. You can setup the project profile, invite other team members into the project, and define Initial Requirements and Tasks for the project.

If you are a Team Member in a software project, you can be invited into the project after it has been set up in Digité Enterprise, whereby you can start to work on items in you Inbox or you can enter Issues, Change Requests or Defects into the Issues module of the system.

You can also start by entering your personal profile into Digité Enterprise so that when someone in your company is looking for skills and experience that you have, you will appear in their search lists.


2. Do I have to use all features of Digité Enterprise?

One of the best features of Digité Enterprise is its modularity. You can use as much or as little of Digité Enterprise as you want. For example, you can use it only for defining your Requirements, but continue planning the project tasks in MS Project if that is what you use. Or you can use Digité Enterprise for its Issues module, by which you can enter any Issues that you may see in the project or any Change Requests or Defects in the application. The bottom line is that you choose how much of Digité Enterprise you want to use and gradually increase coverage.


3. Does Digité Enterprise provide any templates to make it easy for me to start a new project?

Yes, Digité Enterprise provides a standard task template from which you can choose the tasks that you want for your project. In the future, Digité Enterprise will provide more such templates for other modules such as Requirements, Documents, etc.

More importantly, Digité Enterprise provides you with the facility to define your own standards for software projects – requirements capture, task templates, document templates, etc. All you need to do is create a project with all the items you have that define your standard and save it as a Template. The next time a Project Manager is starting a project, they can just copy from the template and they have a full project plan that they can then modify as they wish.



1. How does Digité Enterprise protect my data?

Digité Enterprise provides a range of security measures to protect your data. Our system is hosted in secured environment where physical protection against intrusion, fire, protection and power loss is provided.

Data security against hackers is provided through data encryption, password protected accounts, and a very stringent access control mechanism. In addition, all data is replicated automatically to our backup server. Finally, we provide a tape backup system for offline backup of data.


2. How can I retrieve data from Digité Enterprise, if I need to?

Digité Enterprise allows the retrieval of data through two options: A user may export the document as an HTML file or alternatively may export the file as an excel worksheet. The excel option allows the export of both project related data and personnel data. The user may then import this data into his target application from the CSV file. Export currently is restricted to only the latest version of the document. Revision history and previous versions are not exportable.


How do I start?

1. How do I sign-up for Digité Enterprise?

Currently, we are available to companies that have a base in the United States or India. We would be shortly expanding our operations to Europe and the rest of South East Asia. If you like what you see here, you can get in touch with us at the following numbers:

Phone (USA): 1-650-210-3928
Phone (India): +91-22-28382645

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We will then signup your organization as a customer of Digité Enterprise and you can immediately start using Digité Enterprise.


2. What type of Support does Digité Enterprise provide?

Digité Enterprise provides a range of online and offline support options. Your organization will need to sign up for Support with Digité Enterprise. The services we offer as part of support include:

Product Usage Training
Project Management Training
Software Productivity Improvement (SPI) Training
Phone/ Email Support
Onsite Project Catalyst Support
Professional Services
If you are already a customer and need to reach Digité Enterprise support, you can reach us at:

Phone: 1-650-210-3900

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Customer Speak

"We look forward to continued support from Digite in our endeavour to bring in operational excellence in our activities through use of Digite tool."

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