Is PPM Enough?
PPM tools are great management tools for executive decision making. Do they focus on operational processes?
SwiftALM Brochure
Download this brochure to learn how SwiftALM enables Integrated Application Lifecycle Management
KPIT Cummins Success Story
Find out how we helped KPIT automate and standardize their processes & increase visibility for their customers
Program Management
Learn how SwiftALM provides both, strong enterprise Program and Project management capabilities.
IT Governance
Enterprise IT Governance if properly supported eventually becomes embedded in the decision making process.
SwiftKanban Brochure
Download this brochure to learn how SwiftKanban enables Visual Project Management and Enterprise Kanban.
Northern Trust Success Story
Northern Trust was facing challenges in getting a consistent view and understanding of performance ...
SwiftALM Datasheet
Download this resource to learn more about the various modules and features of our SwiftALM Product
Zero Latency
This paper examines key requirements of software development for the Internet and introduces the concept of Zero Latency
SwiftSync Brochure
SwiftSync provides integration with the leading software engineering, project management and operations support tools
Proteans Success Story
See how we have helped Proteans integrate their project management activities successfully with Agile processes
SwiftSync Datasheet
Learn how SwiftSync works to unify your application lifecycle management systems to create a single environment.
Kanban Board Design
5 Factors For Kanban Board Design - A concept paper on questions to ask before you set up your board.
Comviva Success Story
To sustain rapid growth Comviva wanted to Improve transparency and re-engineer certain processes
Digite CMMi
CMMi is a process improvement model that gives a set of practices for appraising current practices in software operations.
Application Maintenance
The SwiftALM Maintenance Solution helps you to unlock core business application components by reusing SaaS proven, time-tested maintenance solution.
Iterative Solution
The only way to truly control a software project is to continuously measure its progress and compare that progress against the plan.

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