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David J Anderson and Associates

djaa-logoDavid J. Anderson and Associates is a consulting firm dedicated to new collaborative methods of leadership and management for 21st Century knowledge worker industries.

David Anderson is a thought leader on managing highly effective software engineering teams, author of Agile Management for Software Engineering, and former Senior Director for Software Engineering at Corbis. David has teamed up with Daniel Vacanti, Dominica DeGrandis, Masa K. Maeda and Mike Burrows to create a team of experienced thinkers and innovators in management and leadership that will offer their coaching and training throughout the World.

David J. Anderson and Associates works with a network of global partners to deliver training and consulting services aimed at making software engineering teams more effective, productive and efficient.


valueinnovaValueinnova’s world-class service provides excellent solutions to organizations new or already familiar with Kanban, Lean or Agile. Our customers from diverse industries in 8 countries at 3 continents have been highly satisfied with our services.

As industry leaders we contribute to the enhancement of the field by presenting new knowledge on Kanban, Lean, Agile, and Innovation at conferences and helping in the organization of some events.


agile-sparks-logoAgileSparks is a company that provides complete Agile/Scrum solutions and helps companies to improve project management, with emphasis on software and hardware development.

The company is led by a team of experts in Agile and Scrum, including a Certified Scrum Trainer who has been approved by the International Scrum Alliance to certify Scrum Masters throughout the world.

AgileSparks’ experts have proven successful experience in Agile/Scrum assimilation in over 100 companies, including large companies (hundreds of developers), as well as small companies and startups.


opshubOpsHub Inc. is a provider of Enterprise Application Integration and Decision Intelligence solutions specifically designed for the needs of application development organizations. OpsHub enables customers to achieve comprehensive collaboration between diverse teams by integrating standalone applications that would not otherwise work together.

OpsHub’s Decision Intelligence and Analytics products strive to empower development executives with actionable insight into the overall progress of their development projects. OpsHub delivers the first decision intelligence solution that makes possible the meaningful, objective data needed to make smart decisions about time, quality, functionality and budgets. With

OpsHub’s suite of enterprise products, application development organizations can streamline overall development process, enhance collaboration, reduce development time and cut costs.

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