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Digité announces SwiftSim Beta for SwiftKanban

Press Release

Oct 31, 2013; Cupertino, USA

Digité Inc. is proud to announce SwiftSim Beta - a sophisticated simulation and forecasting engine that can help you answer questions regarding your underlying software development, helpdesk, IT, DevOps or other delivery processes by simulating different scenarios using the Monte Carlo method.  SwiftSim helps effectively model current busienss processes and data from existing projects, enabling teams to evolve better processes and choose between several possible outcomes to more effectively deliver on commitments, meet SLAs and achieve revenue/ resource objectives.


Digite contributes to Uttarakhand relief fund

Press Release

Aug 26, 2013; Mumbai, India

Digité Infotech, Pvt. Ltd. today handed over a check in favor of the Prime Minister's Relief Fund (India) towards the efforts to rebuild and provide relief to the flood affected regions in the North Indian states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. The donation comprised a day's salary of the company's employees and was the result of a spontaneous move by the Digité employees to do something to help.


Digite Releases SwiftKanban 3.2

Aug 20, 2013

We're back again with some small, but really useful improvements in SwiftKanban. Here's a quick overview of the new enhancements added in SwiftKanban v3.2:

Organize your Backlog visually, even better!
We've added more category attributes for Backlog categorization; you can now also define custom categories.


Digite releases SwiftKanban 3.0: The Most Enterprise-Ready Kanban Tool!

Jun 17, 2013, Mountain View, CA
Silicon Valley based Lean/ Agile ALM vendor Digite announced v3.0 of its SwiftKanban product, enhancing and introducing a number of new features that make SwiftKanban “the most Collaborative, User-Friendly, Integrated and “Enterprise-Ready” Kanban tool”. 

Announcing the release, AV Sridhar, Digite CEO, said “SwiftKanban 3.0 represents some of the best capabilities in for collaborative Lean/ Agile and Visual Project Management. With Swift-Kanban 3.0, we believe that almost anyone who wants to manage their work better using a visual paradigm can do so easily. SwiftKanban is already considered the best Kanban and Visual Management tool in the market. With v3.0, we hope and believe that this opinion will be further strengthened.”


How do you make an Enterprise Agile?!

May 30, 2013, 11 AM IST
Swift Kanban

How do you make an Enterprise Agile?!

Agile methods have worked very well at the Team level, with 5-15 collocated team members. But when you have do the same with an Organization-wide team of 100s or more people, spread across the globe working to deliver a shared service or build a single product, how do you achieve that?


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"We get routinely asked by our customers to show them how we are able to run our projects so smoothly. We demonstrate Digite to our customers as a showcase example of our project management and process excellence."

Head - Process Excellence Group

KPIT Cummins

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