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Digité/ SwiftKanban is thrilled to present a special session where Kanban practitioners and thought leaders will share field reports – customer experiences – with implementing Kanban. You are invited to join in the discussion in the familiar ‘Lean Coffee’ format but over lunch! You will be able to vote on topics that you would like to discuss. The topics will be discussed in the order of the number of votes they receive.




Digité Enterprise – End of Life (EOL) Announcement


DigiteEnterprise-EOLWe are announcing the “End of Life” (EoL) of our Digité Enterprise product. We will stop supporting the product, currently at v6.5, by December 31st, 2015.

We launched Digité Enterprise in 2002 and over the last 12 years, it has been the backbone not only of our business, but also that of our customers, especially IT consulting and services companies, who ran a substantial chunk of their business on Digité Enterprise to collaborate with their customers or their own teams around the globe, to standardize their processes and to provide enterprise-wide visibility.



DiscountWe’re pleased to announce that Digité is supporting the Regional Scrum Gathering®, India (RSGI) 2014 to be held next month – July 11, 12, in Hyderabad. With the theme of “Humane Scrum,” RSGI ’14 focuses on exploring techniques, tools, behaviors, and experiences that help bring about the mind-set so essential to reaping the benefits of using Scrum in organizations small and large.

This will be a conclave of Scrum and Agile enthusiasts, CSTs and CSCs from across the world and particularly from South and South-East Asia. more


Digité Inc. is proud to announce SwiftSim Beta – a sophisticated simulation and forecasting engine that can help you answer questions regarding your underlying software development, helpdesk, IT, DevOps or other delivery processes by simulating different scenarios using the Monte Carlo method. SwiftSim helps effectively model current busienss processes and data from existing projects, enabling teams to evolve better processes and choose between several possible outcomes to more effectively deliver on commitments, meet SLAs and achieve revenue/ resource objectives. more


Digité Infotech, Pvt. Ltd. today handed over a check in favor of the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund (India) towards the efforts to rebuild and provide relief to the flood affected regions in the North Indian states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. The donation comprised a day’s salary of the company’s employees and was the result of a spontaneous move by the Digité employees to do something to help.

In addition to this monetary donation, Digité employees joined the relief efforts known as ‘Rahat – Floods’ (Relief from Floods) and put together packets of food, utensils and other non-perishable items to be distributed through the charitable organization Goonj more

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