How does Kanban Board, Kanban Cards and Kanban Systems Work?

SwiftKanban organizes work into various workspaces, also referred to as ‘Projects’. Each workspace can have its own team, backlog, and a Kanban board where the work can be managed visually. The board has columns i.e. lanes and sub-lanes that represent the workflow stages through which work has to pass to be deemed complete. These lanes can be configured based on your unique process requirement and modified if you find better ways to work.

Work-items (Stories/Defects/Issues) represented by cards are placed onto the board, which need to be completed. Just like the “Pull” system in Kanban method for manufacturing, work can be “pulled” from the starting lane and dropped into the waiting lane (often known as the “Done” queue), from where the next workflow member picks it. Once the card reaches the last lane of the board, it is assumed to be complete which can then be archived for later reference. WIP (Work-In-Progress) limits for each lane can be set to enable focused working.

You can track the Lead Time and Cycle Time for the card or a set of cards and continuously improve by finding more efficient ways of working. SwiftKanban can help you manage all this effortlessly in a collaborative environment.

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