What is Kanban? Where can it be used?
Kanban is a way for teams and organizations to visualize their work, identify and eliminate bottlenecks and achieve dramatic operational improvements .
Using Scrum and don’t really like it? Try Scrumban!
Kanban is an evolutionary process or approach to making evolutionary changes to improve whatever process you are currently using, even Scrum!
What does setting one up involve?
A Kanban board is a tool used by many teams that use the Kanban method for continuous improvement in their work and processes.
New to Kanban? Here’s where to start!
There is an enormous amount of resources available on the Internet and some great books that have been written up on Kanban.
Want to manage your projects or business functions?
Most projects and business activity have a ‘flow’ or a ‘process’ (comprising steps or phases) that is used to produce the end-product or service.
How can Kanban Metrics help you?
Kanban system provides organizations simple but powerful metrics that can be directly correlated to business benefits.
Want to manage lines of business as portfolios?
Whether it is IT or Business in a corporation, a consulting company, a hi-tech product company, a legal firm, a marketing/ advertising agency.
Doing DevOps? Let Kanban help!
To some, DevOps is a culture, to others it’s a software development methodology on its own. While there will always be discussion and favorite definitions.
Why we think you should use our tool.
Kanban as an agile methodology is very effective because it is simple and intuitive. Kanban delivers business value by enabling delivery teams.
Looking for something to improve your processes?
Whether you are a software team or an IT/ Ops/ DevOps team, a Project Manager/ team or a business function such as HR, sales, marketing, procurement.
Here’s a really short intro to SwiftKanban
SwiftKanban organizes work into various workspaces, also referred to as ‘Projects’. Each workspace can have its own team, backlog, and a Kanban board.
What we think makes us special.
Kanban is all about visualization and SwiftKanban does this best by providing a powerful WYSIWYG board editor that makes modelling…
Here’s a quick reference to help you get started.
This is the Glossary page of commonly used Kanban terms.

SwiftKanban FAQ

Have a look at our FAQs page where most of the common questions about SwiftKanban are answered.

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