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How to Eliminate Muda From Your Kanban System?

The main objectives of the Toyota Production system, which is one of the primary sources of inspiration for Kanban for knowledge work, were to get rid of overburden (muri) and ...
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Making Bulk Updates on the Kanban Board

On many occasions, you might need to or want to update multiple cards on your Kanban board at once. But doing this manually can be very tedious and boring too! ...
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Cycle Time goes Visual

Cycle time (or System Lead Time as some call it) is one of the most common metrics used to measure the effectiveness of a Kanban system. Cycle time is the ...
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SwiftKanban Feature Update- Dec 2016

With the December update, we have made a huge breakthrough in 2 major areas which have been in our backlog for a long time and have been repeatedly requested by ...
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Portfolio Lane: Revolutionizing Portfolio Kanban!!!!

Enterprise/ Portfolio Kanban has for some time provided a visual method of defining and managing portfolios in a much easier manner compared to traditional PPM tools. Kanban Boards can be ...
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